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AMI Fall Conference, 2013

October 14, 2013

Photos and Reflections of AMI’s Fall Conference

This year’s Ancient Mysteries International Fall Conference was an astounding event. Every last detail – from the succulent cuisine to the historic venue to the cozy meet and greet at LaSalle Bed and Breakfast Inn – was arranged to perfection by event organizer, Bruce Cunningham. It was enlightening and awe-inspiring to hear the presentations of my fellow authors and researchers, and the intimate event allowed participants to interact with each speaker personally. I was overjoyed to be in the company of such brilliant, open-minded people, and it was an honor and a pleasure to present to them my research.

One of the bonuses of the day’s events was hearing Roger Sugden play one of his custom-made didgeridoos. When he let loose on this instrument within the highly resonant acoustic space of the Karpeles Manuscript Library auditorium, it made a rich, booming sound that seemed to hang in the air forever. Being there and allowing the sound wash over me was a unique and incredible experience, and it literally made the hairs on my arms and neck stand up.

Patrick Giles, Frank Joseph, Roger Sugden, Ed Malkowski, and keynote speaker Stanton Friedman all gave engaging presentations that were chocked full of knowledge and groundbreaking revelations (for personal reasons, Heather Lynn was unfortunately unable to attend). It was a highlight for me to have the opportunity to meet and converse with these speakers and the members of the audience, and to form connections that are sure to last for many years to come. The next AMI-hosted event is a conference and tour rolled into one, to be held in Siem Reir, Cambodia, at the ancient site of Angkor Wat. For more information about this event, you can visit

  • Click here (external link) to view photos from this event, courtesy of Katrina Hutchins.
  • Click here to view and download the .pdf slideshow for my presentation on Ancient Harmonics.
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